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IOC Ends Year at Levine Children’s Hospital!


There was karoake singing, instruments playing, and toys being given! The kids were such a blast! Thank you to our volunteers who made them and their parents feel right at home with us! Prayers for he...

IOC November Levine Children’s Hospital Visit


It's quite humbling to hear a parent tell you and your volunteers that their child smiled the first time that day while with our group. The kids were so much fun to be with and they seemed to especial...

IOC Levine Children’s Hospital October Visit


Another great night at Levine Children's Hospital! Great to see kids getting healthy! Prayers for all the families and kids going through some type of health issue. You are in great hands though! God ...

Aug & Sept Levine Children’s Hospital Visits


Great time both August & September Levine Children's Hospital visits! Special prayers for Sam, Jace, & Chance and their families. May God be with you guys and prayers for healing! You are spec...

IOC + Taco’s = Good Combination


We had the privilege to meet up with some kids from Rock Hill Children's Attention Home at Taco Bell and have dinner! I felt sorry for the customers behind us, but they seemed to understand, much than...